AR Communications named North America’s Best Woman-Owned Copywriting Boutique

Corporate Vision magazine recently released the winners of its 2016 Businesswoman Awards—and named AR Communications Inc. North America’s Best Woman-Owned Copywriting Boutique.

“Women represent around half of the global workforce and are key contributors to the corporate world: despite this, these contributions are often overlooked,” the magazine’s website explains. “As such, we have created the 2016 Businesswoman Awards to showcase the talent, dedication and hard work of the women who have changed the face of the business world.”

AR Communications Inc.’s owner, Aviva Rabinovici, was honoured—and surprised!—to receive the coveted award, and attributes her boutique copywriting agency’s success to a long-standing commitment to quality.

“The copywriting needs of our clients have changed tremendously over the last 20 years—particularly in this era of content marketing,” Rabinovici reflects. “At AR Communications Inc., we work diligently to not only meet our clients’ evolving requirements, but surpass their expectations as well. I’m truly humbled that Corporate Vision thought highly enough of our efforts to name us the Best Woman-Owned Copywriting Boutique in North America.”

To learn more about Aviva Rabinovici, you can find her profile here—or visit her profile on LinkedIn.

Tips for churning out more content

Finding the time to generate content for your content marketing efforts can be a challenge. Believe us, we get it. Fortunately, many smaller forms of content marketing—such as blog posts and social media posts—can be squeezed into most days, if you plan for it.

Are content marketers “losin’ it!”?

Virtually everyone in every business feels overwhelmed at one point or more in the work week… or the workday… or by the hour—well, you get the point. But as content marketing continues to play a bigger role in more organizations—and feeding the voraciously hungry content beast becomes increasingly challenging—content marketers are feeling the pain at a whole new level. Yet, according to this Open Letter to B2B Content Marketers, it may be for naught.


The rant highlights that, despite the fact only 22% of organizations are seeing success from their B2B content marketing efforts, they continue to spend more money to generate more content—with only 35% taking the time to actually implement a documented strategy. This, according to author Carlos Hidalgo, is the definition of insanity.


While we’re not going to come out and say B2B marketers are losin’ it, we fully understand how expanding roles and growing responsibilities can make it easy to lose sight of what’s important: the people reading your content.


The power of content marketing comes from providing relevant, informative content to your audience—content that people want to read because it will make their jobs easier, or provide answers to a common challenge, or help them decide which vendor is worthy of their business. This means understanding the people that comprise that audience. It means taking the time to understand their challenges, their favoured forms of content, their preferred means of consuming that content and giving them what they want to ensure they keep coming back for more. Because if they don’t come back for more, it’s hard to imagine the allotted funds for content marketing efforts will stay around forever.


We recognize this is easier said than done, which is why a third party perspective can come in handy sometimes. External content generation firms have the benefit of focusing on the task at hand. Because of this, we’re able to see when the tone of an article is off, or the channel isn’t quite right, or a piece of collateral requires a bit more research to provide the level of depth an audience would expect.


Being overworked isn’t the same as insanity—although it may feel that way at times. To alleviate some stress, and have a second opinion on hand, it might be worth acquiring a stable of trusted external writers to ensure your content is top-notch. To learn how to do that, check out our ebook The Perfect Fit: How to Outsource Great Writing.


Simplified analytics for the non-IT user

Imagine, for a second, that all the pertinent information gleaned from your organization’s data was accessible to everyone—not just IT gurus.

The case for case studies

A lot of content marketing is based on the old adage “show, don’t tell”. People don’t want to hear about why you’re great at what you do—they want you to prove it. And there’s no better way to do this than with a case study.

Is your writing a victim of marketing speak?

The next time you have a free moment, take your latest piece of written content and cover up your company name. Without it, can you still tell that the material is written about your company? Or could it apply to any one of your competitors?

Facebook Marketing – What Works and What Doesn’t

An excellent piece in the Social Media Examiner looks at which marketing tactics are most effective on Facebook.  Read more

Still on the Fence about B2B Content Marketing? Read this Today!

Some excellent statistics and data in the B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report.  Click here for a great overview and a link to the full report.

Here are some highlights:

•    On average, B2B content marketers are spending 33% of their marketing budgets on content marketing, up from 26% last year; also, 54% plan to increase content marketing spending next year.
•    All content tactics are being used more frequently than they were last year, with the use of research reports, videos and mobile content having increased the most.
•    On average, B2B content marketers are using five social distribution channels; the most popular of those channels is LinkedIn, whereas Twitter had been the most popular the previous two years.

Do you or your marketing colleagues have any questions about content marketing? Post them below and I’ll answer them.