How many emails do you receive a day? How many do you suppose your prospects receive? Honestly, who has time to count? We just know it’s a lot and that means it’s getting harder every day to cut through the clutter.

There are no magic formulas for email marketing mastery. But there are proven strategies you can adopt to improve your chances for success.

Email strategies

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In this e-book, we share a range of email marketing tips and tricks used by large global corporations, including information about:

Two email models (or 13 different email approaches)
4 key steps to crafting an effective email
9 email marketing best practices
Strategies for developing 5 common types of emails:

  1. Invitations to events (conferences, trade shows, breakfast series, webinars, etc.)
  2. Download requests (thought leadership, reports, surveys, articles, etc.)
  3. Subscription requests (to a blog, newsletter, report series, monthly analysis, etc.)
  4. Unsolicited education, support and content curation (technical support, free apps and demos, third-party content, etc.)
  5. Cold emails (lead generation)



Most critically, it includes a range of tried-and-true email samples you can adapt to fuel your own email campaigns.

Cost: $197 (plus tax)

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