B2B audiences are busy, so you need the ability to engage them across the entire sales cycle. And you need to do it through the vehicles they choose—from blog posts, e-books and webinars to white papers, info sheets and case studies. If you want to do it right, you need to tailor your content to your clients’ interests.

Simply put, business buyers don’t want to hear more about the bells and whistles of your products and services. Instead, they want to know precisely how you plan to help them solve their most pressing business issues.

For B2B marketers, this means developing a content marketing framework that clearly identifies the challenges your buyers face, articulates compelling solutions and engages them through a considered mix of online, social, mobile and traditional channels.

Of course, with over-burdened internal resources and shrinking marketing budgets, it can be hard to accomplish this in-house. If you’re ready to outsource, we can help. Our content marketing specialists have decades of experience developing B2B communications.

When looking for an external provider, be sure to ask about:

  • The extent of their B2B experience
  • Their understanding of your industry
  • Their ability to communicate with all your target markets—both internal and external
  • How well they adhere to timelines and budgets (without losing their sense of humour)
  • Whether the offer content marketing retainers

Have any questions for us? Contact us at 888-507-8980 or info@ar-com.com.

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