The Perfect Fit

In today’s content-driven market, high-quality, helpful and engaging content is no longer seen as a nice-to-have. Instead, it’s something your clients expect. The challenge for many businesses, however, is how to keep up—which explains why more and more companies have begun outsourcing their content generation.

Yet, finding the ideal writer can be more complex than you think. To differentiate your communications, you need more than a good wordsmith. You need B2B experts who understand your industry, your business and your audiences.

In this e-booklet, we set out a series of steps to help you find the best writer for you—and ensure your working relationship remains strong. Download The Perfect Fit today to discover how to:

  • Spot the difference between stellar and mediocre writers
  • Maximize outsourcing success
  • Craft an effective job description for your external writers
  • Develop ‘good writer’ radar
  • Create a strong creative brief
  • Improve your content quality while freeing up your own time

“I’ve worked with AR Communications over the past decade, in various capacities, and remain impressed with their service, reliability and creativity. From lead generation campaigns to industry reports and beyond, they consistently exceed expectations, balance the needs of different stakeholders and produce sterling copy that delivers results.”

– Fern White, Regional Field Marketing Manager, OpenText


Download The Perfect Fit