Talking about the what

In our last entry, we touched on the need to figure out what to say, to whom it will be said and why it needs to be said in the first place. This time out, let’s look a bit more closely at the what component. Whatever we read – newspapers, magazines, web sites and, yes, […]

Taking that first blogging step

Last time out, we discussed whether or not you should even start a blog. On the assumption that you’ve decided to move ahead with it, you’ll need to go through a number of due diligence steps before your site sees the light of day. We touched on what you would write about, who would read […]

To blog, or not to blog…

Should your company start its own blog? It may seem like a no-brainer. After all, blogs have established themselves as credible tools to connect with stakeholders in ways that traditional one-way media do not. But starting a blog because everyone else is doing it is the first step toward failure. If memory serves, this excuse […]

Facebook, banks and, possibly, you

Fascinating things are happening in the world of social networking. While the MySpaces and Facebooks have attracted legions of younger-demographic users, they have been viewed with a certain sense of detachment by mainstream business. Until now, apparently. Canada’s TD Bank and Royal Bank have initiated their own initiatives on Facebook. I spoke with Toronto Star […]

The simplicity of mobility

I’ve been spending a lot of quality time with my BlackBerry this week. Although I’ve owned mobile devices powered by virtually every kind of pocketable operating system you can imagine, the stripped down simplicity of BlackBerry’s design philosophy is starting to win me over. A few observations: It doesn’t do everything. It only claims to […]

AR Communications hits the airwaves

From time to time, journalists call us looking for our expert opinion on issues that matter to today’s businesses. We do this because we feel it’s important to be acknowledged experts in the topic areas that matter to our clients. Today, I spoke with Pat Bolland from Canada’s Business News Network (BNN, formerly known as […]


When I was scheduled to attend a conference in Shanghai a couple of months back, I took a plane. Soon after I returned home and recovered from the jet lag, I got on my bike and rode to the nearby grocery store to pick up some milk. Later, I used the car to pick the […]

Communicating online — not your father’s print

Once upon a time, the morning newspaper was our first and most detailed means of consuming the days news. We killed trees to keep on top of local and world news. When we were done, we shoved the yellowing, fraying results into the bottom of the bird cage. We didn’t call it recycling back then. […]

Welcome to Words@Work!

Welcome to Words@Work, the new blog by AR Communications. We’ll keep it brief because we know your time is precious. Actually, that’s what this blog is all about: our goal is to help improve our collective ability to communicate in business. Precise, timely communication delivered via the right media and to the right people can […]