The Power of Podcasting

Podcasts (Web and mp3based audios) are becoming an ever more effective tool in the marketer’s arsenal.  There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon:

  • A significant percentage of consumers prefer to consume audio as opposed to written information.
  • Podcasts are more flexible – in other words, you can’t read a case study or a product info sheet in the car or while you’re going for a run.  I mean, you could try, but it is really not recommended.
  • Podcasts cater to our multi-tasking lifestyles. I can pick up email and listen to a podcast in the background and retain a surprising amount of information.

We have been using podcasts as marketing tools for our clients for the last 12 months, and now recommend that they become standard tools for both product and service marketing. The easier you make it for your prospective customers to give you their attention, the greater the chances they will make the transition from a prospect to a customer.

Speaking ofattention, in the next few blog posts I will address a paradigm shift that is taking place in the marketing world in general and on the Web in particular. We began to notice this trend from our work with clients and speaking with some of the leading experts in the field.  Appreciating this seismic shift will forever change how you look at marketing.  Stay tuned.

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