It’s 2009. What Are You Doing Online?

You may be surprised to hear it, but apparently economic conditions aren’t so great right now. That may explain the questions we’re receiving about ways to get more out of your marketing dollars. Today, one of the best methods for realizing the most bang for your budget is through online marketing tactics, including blogging, podcasts, and search engine optimization (SEO).

The most important success factor when deploying online marketing tactics is to make sure they’re optimized to meet your business objectives. To do that, you need to employ industry best practices. It was in search of these best practices that we recently went to California to complete one of the online world’s leading certification programs, put on by the renowned team at Marketing Experiments (

Guess what? We passed! That means we’re now certified to help you increase the conversions related to the full range of your Web tactics and translate that into measurable response (whether you’re trying to fill your prospecting pipeline, expand your online lists, or make sales).

To get a flavour of the depth of research available through Marketing Experiments, and the leading brands they work with, we suggest you visit their site at We know budgets are tight right now, but you’d be surprised at how cost-effective these tactics are. Consider this: the New York Times used the Marketing Experiments methodology to increase sale conversion by 1,052%. Seriously.

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