Canada risks missing digital revolution: Google CFO

Last week, Matt Hartley, the National Post tech reporter, interviewed Patrick Pichette, the Canadian-born chief financial officer of Web giant Google Inc., and formerly BCE Inc.  In the interview, Pichette is quoted as saying: “Canadian companies do not spend what would be required to actually capture the [Internet’s] advertising opportunity; they are staying traditional in their behavior and mindset.”  What I find particularly interesting in his comments is the vast amount of analytics to which he has access. Keep in mind that Google currently controls over 85% of global search traffic (Netmarketshare) and is know to meticulously gather every bit of information on each search.  That gives Mr. Pichette a pretty good perch from which to draw his conclusions.

The article is well worth a read. You can find it here –

Is Social Media for Real?

A good number of our clients have been rolling out social media initiatives over the last year or are in the process of doing so.  These initiatives include blogs, podcasts and social networking.

We also hear regularly from clients who are considering initiatives but are still unsure about the effectiveness and staying power of this particular marketing channel.  One of the most frequent questions we hear:  Is this social media thing for real and should be deploying our resources to leverage it?  To answer this question I will direct you to some stats that were sent to us by a friend of ours, who herself is a savvy marketer. Check it out here: