The type of marketing consumers actually like

It turns out consumers actually like content marketing. According to recent research, 43% of consumers say they’re more inclined to trust a business after reading branded content or a company blog—a number that is even higher (51%) if you simply focus on consumers between the ages of 18 and 44.


The research, commissioned by Toronto-based ads platform developer StackAdapt and conducted by Leger Marketing, also uncovered specific forms of branded content that consumers say are most likely to influence their online purchasing decisions. These include:


  • Examples of the brand helping other people (22%)
  • Content that helps make purchases easier (20%)
  • Explanations of how a brand’s product can improve a consumer’s life (19%)
  • The brand showing that it understands the consumer’s values (11%)


This is invaluable information to use when generating your next content calendar. We always believe it’s best to use your content marketing efforts to showcase the benefits you offer your customers—and how you can help resolve their most pressing issues—rather than taking an overly-salesy approach. Case studies—which clearly outline a previous customer’s challenge, and a detailed account of the process you went through to resolve it—are great options for blog posts. Alternatively, using a post to answer some of your customers’ frequently asked questions not only illustrates that you understand their needs, but that you know what you’re talking about, too.


What types of blog posts or branded content have you found most resonates with your consumers? Share your experience in the comment section below.



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