Bringing Social Media into the Strategic Planning Tent

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of presenting at Federated Business’s Strategic Planning Skills event.  When the invitation to present arrived a few months earlier, the topic at first blush seemed a little awkward.  Once I started to research it, I was amazed at social media’s potential impact on all the key facets of corporate strategic planning:  Sales & Marketing, Legal/Regulatory issues, Human Resources/Recruiting, and Customer Service. View or download the presentation at the link below – mind bending stuff, I promise.  Looking forward to your comments.

Threat Protection in the Age of Social Networking

A good article appeared in Processor on Threat Protection in the Age of Social Networking.  It highlighted the tension that exists between IT executives and employees about access during work hours, filtering and monitoring.  One stat cited from an April 2009 Deloitte LLP study found that22% of employees use social networking sites at work five times a week, and 53% feel these activities are none of the company’s business”.  

This study, and others cited in the article, demonstrates the importance of having a policy in place.  You can read the entire article at  Here is a good article about corporate social media policies –

Does your company have a policy in place? Is it contemplating one?  Let us know so we can learn together.