How Secure are your Social Media Initiatives?

The vast potential of social media as a business tool is sometimes tempered by the potential risks it can engender. In a recent brief, Ryan Holmes, the CEO of Hootsuite, outlines a five step guide to social media security.  Read more

Where is the Social Media Bus Going in 2013?

In a space that moves so fast, it’s a good idea to follow the companies and publications that are setting the trends. This time, we’re laying our bets on Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, one of the web’s leading social media management companies (and Canadian to boot). In an end-of-year article in Fast Company magazine, he crystal balls social media’s path in the year ahead. Some highlights include:

• Social media will move beyond the marketing department

• Big data will grow but get more manageable

• Social media education will become formalized

Click here to read the full article here.

A happy holiday season, and a joyous, healthy, and prosperous new year to you and yours from all of us at AR Communications. becomes Mother’s little helper – Keeping tabs on your brand

A number of clients have been asking us about social media tracking and monitoring tools.  Over the last little while we’ve been recommending HootSuite.

It allows you to create a dashboard of your most important social networking apps including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and monitor them all on the same Web page.

This is a huge time saver for any company that want to keep tabs on its brand in the fast expanding social media universe.

Hootsuite received a good write up in today’s Financial Post.  You can read it here –

If there are other tools you use, let us know buy leaving a comment below. If you need help setting up HootSuite for you company send me an email at