Which social media channels does your business use most? Being in the b2b space ourselves, LinkedIn and Twitter are our bread and butter—and we tend to stay away from more consumer-driven spaces like Facebook and Instagram. But after attending a marketing webinar with TrackMaven, I’m wondering if we should change our strategy.

The marketing company analyzed more than 50 million pieces of its clients’ content—including 75 billion interactions—to offer insight into what worked and what didn’t in the content marketing space in 2015. The speakers shed light on a lot of interesting data—you can read a report on it here—but what I found particularly interesting was that Facebook, far and away, had the highest engagement of any social media vehicle.

Being in the b2b space, you’d think this would be an opportunity lost for us. After all, people go to Facebook to share pictures of their kids and watch hilarious cat videos, right? Well, apparently, if a b2b story is framed correctly, you can achieve some pretty good brand recognition, which is what happened with medical technology company Perkin Elmer.

The company used story-telling and a human interest angle to promote its significant scientific breakthrough in the campaign “Taking the guesswork out of lung cancer”. It didn’t mention the name of the product—the company simply shared some revolutionary science news, and ended up connecting with people on a human level. The post ended up garnering 15,000 likes and 75 shares, which is essentially unheard of for a b2b company on Facebook.

The moral of the story? If your content is good—and actually resonates with people—you can take any channel and make it work for your brand.

Have you had any success on Facebook?