Writing is a skill most of us learned in the early days of grade school—and one that we practice every day writing emails, notes and LinkedIn status updates. So why would you ever pay someone to do it for you?


Well, if you’re writing to a b2b audience, there are plenty of reasons. Today, an increasing number of clients are finding their next vendor online. This means your web content is making your first impressions for you, before you even have a chance to say two words to a potential lead. For this reason, it not only has to be informative—and answer the questions they need answered—but it needs to establish your company as the best in its field. You can’t do that with typos, grammatical errors or language that puts your audience to sleep.


When you hire a professional writer, you’re not only getting higher quality writing in a quicker timeframe. You’re also gaining access to that writer’s experience—which can translate into valuable insight and innovative ideas that can drastically improve your content marketing strategy. They’ll also be able to introduce you to current content marketing trends—and find ways to help you adapt these trends to your marketing needs.


If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional writer—and how to find a good one—download our ebook, The Right Fit: How to Outsource Great Writing.