Successfully executing a marketing plan in the fast moving world of social media requires four key elements:


With much of social media, overlapping the personal and business domains, teaching company executives and employees the basic Dos and Don’ts is essential.

Introductory information
Course outline
Strategy Development

A successful social media campaign must be backed by a well thought out plan of action. Our strategic plan development includes:

Review your existing campaigns
Explain the various tools that social media makes available and identify which are best suited for your company
Determine current baseline metrics, if available (i.e. how many visitors your website receives, what content they read and for how long, etc.)
Conduct competitive intelligence research of two companies of your choice
Prepare a 12-month strategic plan
Prioritize tactics based on your budget

Strategy Execution

The biggest challenge facing many companies when it comes to web and social media marketing is finding the resources and time to consistently execute on their plan consistently. We can help you:

Rebuild your site onto a content management system (CMS) that enables internal staff to make basic changes and updates without programming
Develop a blog that matches the look and feel of your current site
Develop lead generation campaigns, including forms and landing pages
Set up LinkedIn profiles or groups, Twitter feeds, and Facebook pages
Write B2B copy for your website, blog or lead generation campaigns (including white paper and case studies downloads)
Improve your search engine optimization (SEO) to help your site show up in the search engines when users search relevant keywords
Run Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns
Integrate Google Analytics to measure visitors to your website, which pages there are visiting, and what content they are most interested in, as well as many other metrics
Develop mobile apps
Develop podcasts

Maintenance & Analytics

Another challenge facing companies in these type of campaigns is the regular updating, maintenance and monitoring of their social media efforts. We help out with:

Regular blog updates
Twitter and Facebook maintenance
Monthly or quarterly Google Analytics reports
Helpful Resources for Web & Social Media Marketers

The following sites provide excellent (and free) information that is a must read for all Web and Social media marketers:

Marketing Experiments – Free research on what works
Mashable for Business – An excellent resource for the latest social media developments for business
For more information please email Michael at or call 416-720-5485 

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