One area where the mobile revolution is having a great impact is recruiting and staffing.  Earlier in the history of the web, the recruiting landscape changed due to the emergence of job sites such as Monster, Hot Jobs and Workopolis.  This allowed employers, employees, and recruiters to access large numbers of jobs and candidates in one place.  In these earlier days, many job sites had the ubiquitous “panic button” for employees surfing for new jobs while working in their current one.  Clicking the button would immediately shut down the job search screen.  Those day are long gone.

These days, employees seeking new jobs often do so on their smart phone while on lunches or coffee breaks. If you are a recruiting company, you can simplify this process for candidates by developing an easy-to-use mobile app.  This will allow you to access candidates and make placements you may currently be missing out on.  Imagine a mobile app that:

  • Lists all of the jobs available in your database
  • Is updated in real time as soon as you upload a new job on your Web site, without any extra work on your part
  • Allows prospective candidates to easily search for the job that best fits their qualifications and experience
  • Automatically notifies prospective candidates when new jobs matching the parameters they search for come online
  • Enables candidates to fill in a basic application online or refer to a friend for whom it may be a better fit

See an example of an app we built with all this functionality here:

To have your own app built, email us at or call us at 416-720-5485

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