We’ve come a long way since creating first-generation Web sites for some of North America’s leading companies. Thanks to our commitment to keep abreast of the social media strategies most relevant in a business context, we have developed email and social media marketing campaigns that have helped clients triple online lead capture and take over the #1 spot for selected keywords in organic searches. Thanks to this experience, we can help you:

  • Join the conversation on social media networks
  • Create targeted podcasts
  • Develop corporate-branded blogs
  • Set up lead generation and lead capture forms
  • Enhance your search engine optimization
  • Support email campaigns and autoresponders

Social Media for IBM Business Partners

Successfully executing a marketing in the fast moving world of social media requires 4 key elements.  These include:  Training, Strategy Development…

Social media training for companies and employees

Companies and internal marketing departments are grappling with the lightning speed at which Social Media marketing is moving. Chances are prospective customers are already looking for you on LinkedIn, or for your firm on Facebook, before they visit your corporate Web site.  The question is, are executive and employees aware of the basic rules that need to play by in the worlds of social media?

Social media training for law firms

Law firms are no different that any other business from a marketing perspective.  Although law is traditionally a profession, over the last decade many law firms recognized that need to begin marketing themselves like nay other business.  Many Firms have begun to leverage social media in their marketing efforts but many have done so without equipping their lawyers and staff with the required skill set

Mobile and Smart Phone Apps for Recruiters

One area where the mobile revolution is having a great impact is recruiting and staffing. Earlier in the history of the Web, the recruiting landscape changed due to the emergence of job sites such as Monster, Hot Jobs and Workopolis. This allowed employers, employees, and recruiters to access large numbers of jobs and candidates in one place. In these earlier days, many job sites had the ubiquitous “panic button” for employees surfing for new jobs while working in their current one. Clicking the button would immediately shut down the job search screen. Those day are long gone.

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