Finding the right external writer to handle your b2b writing needs is a lot like dating—you have to know yourself first before you’ll even have a chance at finding your perfect partner.


To help you out, here is a list of questions you may want to consider before beginning your search for your business writing soulmate:


Question #1: Why am I looking for a writer?

Am I searching for a better writer than I have on staff—perhaps to take the reins on our organization’s major content marketing efforts—or do I want someone to take over the smaller tasks that my internal team doesn’t have time for, such as churning out blog posts?


Question #2: How big will the writer’s role be?

Will I need someone to offer advice and perhaps additional planning—for things such as content marketing campaigns, blogging calendars or social media strategies—or will they simply be hired to write?


Question #3: How do I want the writing process to work?

Will I (or my team) be writing the bulk of the content, and simply need a writer to polish it, or will I need the writer to generate content from scratch—and potentially come up with ideas too?


It may also help to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your existing internal team, so as to better determine the holes that need to be filled. Knowing what you need in a writer will make it easier to find one that offers the right level of experience and service offerings.


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