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How much news should actually go into a newsletter?

Regular newsletters are a fantastic way to keep in front of your market. With every issue, you have the opportunity to solidify your credibility, likability, and trustworthiness, and reinforce your brand identity. And if you’re doing it right, that’s exactly what will happen. Of course it needs to look great – a clean, attractive design with your corporate look, white space that makes it easy to read, and pleasant, colourful pictures that capture attention. But what, exactly, should you put in there? How much news should actually go into a newsletter? News they can use – This should make up the majority of your newsletter, at least 80%, and includes […]

Which one and when? Prioritizing your marketing communications options

It’s like being a kid in a candy store these days, especially online. There are just so many tools, techniques, means, methods, gadgets, and gizmos – all designed to reach your customer, communicate your message, and deliver results. As you sift through the books, Web sites, blogs, industry examples, and proposals, how do you choose the marketing communications vehicle that will meet your needs? Here are five key sets of questions that will help you prioritize your marketing communications options: 1.    What are your communication goals? Who are you trying to reach and what actions do you want them to take? 2.    What is your budget? How much is there […]

Getting the advice you need to succeed

When you’re trying to simultaneously manage 17 initiatives that all have a deadline of yesterday, it’s hard to keep track of current marketing best practices. How can you maximize the effectiveness of your print communications? Are leading companies even still using print? Should you be producing podcasts, hosting webinars, posting videos on YouTube, buying Google AdWords? Clearly, the strategies you adopt need to align to your corporate objectives and your budgetary constraints. But there are some quick steps you can take to glean industry best practices: Build your network – Find other marketing professionals via your professional associations, alumni group, connections through family and friends, service groups, or networking services, […]